Expertise in data processing
Expert skills in data visualization
Continuous integration and automated production releases

In addition to our consulting missions, at DATANALYSIS challenging ourselves is also an integral part of our daily commitments and feedback from our customers enables us to move forward and go further in our service.

Orange is a French multinational company specialising in telecommunications. It offers a wide range of services such as mobile telephony, fixed telephony, broadband internet and digital television to a global customer base. Orange is also involved in providing IT services and connectivity solutions for businesses.

As a loyal customer, Orange is very busy because of the diversity of its activities!

So we’re delighted that they’ve taken the time to give us some feedback on the support we provide on a daily basis.

They say it best

"DATANALYSIS has been working with us on a day-to-day basis for the past 6 years, and we naturally turned to them for our strategic project to overhaul our infrastructure and data tools"

Throughout the project and right up to the present day, DATANALYSIS has been an invaluable partner at every key stage:


  • Their expertise in data processing is essential in helping us to collect, cleanse and analyse our data efficiently.
  • Their skills in data visualisation enable us to develop dashboards that are clear and understandable for our users, as well as putting in place appropriate training systems.
  • DATANALYSIS has also played an important role in setting up continuous integration and automating our production releases.


Their flexibility and agility are particularly appreciated and demonstrate their ability to adapt to meet our needs.


« In a nutshell: a varied field of expertise based around data and serving customers! « 

Has this feedback inspired you and echoed certain issues in your company?

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