Creation of interactive property dashboards for better visualisation of trends
Creating a data-driven culture for better decision-making
Making the most of key data to give customers greater autonomy

Market Trends specialises in property data analysis, and its mission is to provide relevant information on developments in the Mauritian property market.

With rapid growth and increasing demand for more detailed and interactive reports, the company faced a number of challenges, including mastery of the Power BI software and flexibility of content according to customer specifications (language, bespoke display).

This is where Business Lab Consulting LTD came in, offering a modern Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualisation solution. Thanks to this collaboration, Market Trends was able to automate the generation of reports, offering aesthetic, ergonomic and scalable dashboards.

These dashboards now allow customers to manipulate the data in complete autonomy, reinforcing their confidence in the insights provided.

They say it best

"At Market Trends, data is at the heart of our business. Thanks to Business Lab Consulting LTD, not only have we saved time in running reports, but we've also been able to offer our customers more aesthetically pleasing reports that make better use of key data. Their team was very adaptable and understood our specific needs. I would recommend their services without hesitation."

Alix Tennant, Property Consultant

Working with Business Lab Consulting LTD was a turning point for Market Trends. With exceptional follow-up and support, the Business Lab Consulting LTD team was able to meet the specific needs of Market Trends, despite the constraints encountered along the way.

Today, thanks to this transformation, Market Trends is able to provide more accurate and interactive insights to its clients, reinforcing its position as a leader in the analysis of the Mauritian real estate market.

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