More streamlined pipelines
A significant reduction in the time required to update data on a daily basis
Ongoing support and monitoring of projects

Beyond our consulting missions, at Business Lab Consulting challenging ourselves is also an integral part of our daily commitments and feedback from our customers allows us to move forward and go further in our service.

C-Care, based in Mauritius, operates in the healthcare sector, managing hospitals and laboratories in Mauritius and Uganda. Founded in 2008 and part of the CIEL Healthcare network, the company focuses on medical excellence and compassionate patient care.

C-Care, a loyal customer with many challenges! We’re delighted that they’ve taken the time to give us some feedback on the support we provide on a daily basis.

They say it best

"The team has always been very responsive and accommodating. This is one of the most appreciated aspects of the service."

« The Business Lab Consulting team was able to make the difference on the operational side by providing CCARE with more streamlined pipelines and a significant reduction in the time required for daily data updates from 500 minutes to 45 minutes!

Business Lab Consulting’s prior knowledge of our data environment and associated challenges, together with its expert knowledge of the Azure data platform, set it apart from other options.

The ongoing support and follow-up deserves a 10/ 10 and we highly recommend this service company! « 

Has this feedback inspired you and echoed certain issues in your company?
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