Business Lab Consulting Ltd.’s mission is to simplify and democratize data analysis. We combine all our expertise and that of our partners in order to build simple, efficient and ergonomic solutions that fit your operational challenges. Our work guarantees a modern and powerful end-to-end analytics creating a link between users and technology. Marketing, sales, logistics, finance, all aspects of your business surf the Data wave with us!

The quest for competitive advantage is changing the Data landscape in business. Companies are adopting a data-centric approach. It is in this brave new world that the implementation of a self-service BI platform makes sense.

One where all employees have access to data, all that remains is to use it. Managers must lead their teams, making the next decisions based on Data and not on intuition. Success will be to unite and lead through the performance booster that is the Data culture.

Solutions- construire une culture de la donnee

With our local partner Digital 1to1, we activate your marketing with Data!

Today, marketing is driven by customer information that can be captured at every stage of the buying process. Data such as a user’s browsing habits, social media activity, online shopping behavior and other metrics can help you focus your marketing efforts on what really works.

With the advanced technical and marketing expertise we provide, building the right relationship with your customers, via the right channel, at the right time will finally be within your reach!

Solutions-Data Marketing

Embedded analytics in your app, portal, or website is an asset, whether it’s to maximize revenue opportunities or customer engagement.

Synthesize and customize analytics as well as interactive features to deliver an optimal customer experience on your web and mobile solutions. Empower your customers to get relevant answers to their questions directly.

Solution-Solutions embarquees

We take care of everything and become your data platform

Thanks to its Data services center, composed of experts in the field, Business Lab Consulting Ltd. offers to manage all or part of your BI/BIG DATA development activities. By entrusting us with the realization of your BI projects, we work hand in hand with you to solve your business’ challenges such as : quality of service, performance, optimization of production/management costs and all the while ready and able to pivot when the ever-changing business landscape demands in order to get the best out of your data.

Solution-Centre de service Data