Value-driven Products Fuelled By Data

We are fully committed to transcend barriers by combining data and processes in a unique way to move your business forward. We have partnered with some of the leading software providers to cater to your needs, be it in data warehousing, data mining, data integration, self-service analytics and visualisations or data marketing.

We have partnered with Tableau Software, the leader in predictive analytics and visualisation, to help people transform data into actionable insights. Tableau makes visual analytics intuitive, allowing people to quickly answer questions with data and share insights across their organisation. From global enterprises to early-stage start-ups and small businesses, people everywhere use Tableau to see and understand their data.

Data integration tools have become a transformational technology for modern business. Selecting the right platform for your evolving data architecture is a more strategic decision than ever. Talend is a next-generation leader in cloud and big data integration software that helps companies become data driven by making data more accessible, improving its quality and quickly moving it where it’s needed for real-time decision making.

KNOWLBOX® is a unique solution for automated exploration of customer databases. KNOWLBOX’s machine learning algorithms transform in a few clicks all your data into customer knowledge and predictive models, actionable items that have a major impact on your business.

Designed around the concept of customers, KNOWLBOX is a true customer knowledge box that mines all your data and provides answers to all your marketing issues :

  • increase your marketing campaigns ROI
  • analyse your campaign returns
  • scoring, predictive models
  • identify churn and customers at risk
  • target high-potential prospects
  • predictive and descriptive segmentations
  • automatic profilings
  • customers paths
  • product recommendations