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Tableau, the best analytical platform to help your organization become truly Data-Driven.

Business Lab Consulting Ltd, Indian Ocean partner of Tableau, helping its customers with the implementation of this tool.

Why Tableau ?

Tableau brings together data of all types, regardless of where it comes from, to empower your people to work more independently.

It’s one of the best analytics platforms in the world.

Tableau helps users see and understand their data. With Tableau we change the way you use data to solve problems. We are fully confident that Tableau will continue to evolve and become even more data-driven in the future.

Ease of use

Intuitive products

For us, data analysis should be about answering questions, not learning how to use software. With latest technology visuals, Tableau offers endless ways to explore data without interrupting your analytical flow. These strengths are why Tableau is so popular.

Unique Community

Find Other Data People

The Tableau Community is composed of more than one million active and creative data enthusiasts from all backgrounds who help each other online and offline. Members of our #DataFam love to share their experience and advice.

Integrated platform

The world's most complete analytics platform

Deploy Tableau on the cloud, on-premises, or natively with Salesforce CRM. Connect to all your data with fully integrated AI and machine learning, governance, data management, visual storytelling, and collaboration capabilities.

Recognized Leader

Your Partner in Building a Data Culture

Customers are evolving Tableau with unprecedented speed and scale. Tableau is our trusted partner in building a data culture in your company. It’s for this reason that we are able to help organizations drive innovation, optimize operations, and improve services.

Tableau has transformed their organization

A unique platform to transform raw data into usable information

Data preparation

Clean up your data in a snap. Automate data cleansing with Tableau Prep.

Analysis and exploration

Data exploration has no limit, thanks to Tableau Desktop. Interactive dashboards help you discover the actionable insights hidden in your data as you go.

Sharing and collaboration

Use Tableau Server or the hosted Tableau Online solution to extract actionable insights from your data, share them with colleagues, and make critical decisions.

Data Governance

The Tableau Data Management Add-On facilitates Data management so that decisions are always based on timely and reliable data. Everything in this add-on is done to build confidence in your data and accelerate the adoption of self-service analytics: data preparation, cataloging, research, governance.